Debut Dagger Entry

£42.00 inc. VAT

Even if you have already prepaid you need to click this product to submit your entry.



If you would like to submit an entry into the Debut Dagger competition, please do the following or click here to pre-pay for your entry:

  • Add this entry to your basket (only one per order)
  • Continue to the checkout
  • Fill in your details and upload your file (Word documents and PDFs only)
  • Please make sure you have read the rules and have your correctly prepared file ready before you begin.
  • If you pre-order, when you’re ready to enter, click on this Debut Dagger entry. There is space for your voucher code so you’ll only pay once, but that’s how you access the entry portal.

The fee is subject to VAT. Submissions to the Debut Dagger cost £42 (inc.VAT)

Please review the eligibility criteria before submitting an entry.